Everything we do is a bet:

  • If we buy a stock to bet (and hope) we know that they will rise.
  • When we buy a stock package to bet (and hope) we find that it ison the increase, lose even if some shares.
  • If we drive a car, we bet that we will arrive without accident.

But every day drivers are dying – and all these drivers thought nothing willhappen to them today, otherwise they would not run. Or?

I mean to say that we are all willing to take risks – or respond to.

The fundamental question is how big is the risk and how small theprobability. For this we need a strategy.

For the calculation of the risk, there are different specialists,depending on the subject mat

  • When it comes to health: doctors, psychologists, insurance …
  • When it comes to money: financial mathematicians, actuaries, accountants, economists …

Can mathematics be wrong?

Anyone who has never been cleared or a false assumption as the basis of its forecast (bet) adopted?

Mathematics is often a clear and precise science, but allassumptions for the calculations may be inaccurate!

  • Only through practice will tell us whether a strategy works.
  • That does not mean that it is really accurate.

For years I had different software for stock trading, futures, currencies tested by firms that deal in part with huge sums with this software – and almost all I have found serious deficiencies that would result insubstantial losses!

Although my mathematical strategy has been thoughtfully designed with great care, it is not excluded that I overlooked something or did wrong through carelessness or my programmer.

Therefore, one should never invest all capital in one thing. Diversi you always!

  • If you want to invest in property as an investment object, not just buy a condo, but rather an interest in a package, as might establish your tenant doesnt pay no rent!
  • If you want to buy shares, you not only buy from one company, because this might be just one company for any reason will lose market value! Do not hope, but you trade with a strict, mathematically strategy! Write down your goals and your willingness loss!
  • Trade without emotion!
  • Trade without panic!

I do not want you to take the courage, just a prudent approach, this is about your money, for which you have worked hard.

Be greedy never, because greed will bring to your mind!

For a good business you need patience and the right opportunity.

With our software you can use already proven trading strategies. It’s up to you to recognize this special business opportunity.

I wish you good luck with your decision!
Dieter Reisch