Forex Trading – the reasons and functions 

Just the German foreign trade (Import & Export) amounts to annually over 1,000 billion U.S. dollars of which about one third of the total concerns the trade between U.S. dollar economy.

This means, that only in Germany, they need to change every year about 600 billion Euros into U.S. dollars and/or vice-versa for its goods. It is all transactions of the tertiary sector (tourism, transportation, transfers of services for industries) are not even included. 

Extrapolated to the whole EU, the real need for Euro-U.S. dollar currency trading is around 5,000 billion Euros per year (not including speculative transactions).


It follows both exporters and importers as well as international service-industry vendors need to secure for their currency dealings.

For this, currency futures, hedging, arbitrage trading, like others are available.


The rate fluctuations – and thus the risks and opportunities are considerable.

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